Below please enter your information in the table and farther down please embed your 3rd Grade Voicethread for your class that your students created, or feel free to e-mail Mark Carls to help you out at

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Linda George
Dondero School
Portsmouth NH
Katy Gallagher
Washington Heights
Lemoyne PA

Quick Tip - To get the embed code:
1. Sign into your Voicethread account
2. Click on the gear in the bottom right corner of your Voicethread and select "Edit"
3. At the bottom click on "Embed and then click in the big white box under "Embed Code" and you should copy it immediately.
4. On this page, click "Edit", then in in the "Editor" box on top, click on the tv screen that says "Widget"
5. Go down to "Other HTML" in the bottom left column, and paste into the white box in the middle and Save.
6. It will appear as a grey box, you could write something above it if you want, like school name, then click "Save" on the right side of the "Editor" box and it should be good to go.

Elementary Voicethreads of our School:

Washington Heights Elementary School, Lemoyne PA