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Elementary Voicethreads of our School:
Click play and watch as 4th graders from southwest Michigan describe some of their favorite things about their school! Pictures were also taken by student photographers. Find these learners over on our class blog as well,

This voicethread was created as a way to help the students understand the different forms of poetry. Each student wrote an original poem of their choice. Our plans are for the students to then comment on each poem making sure they reference back to the terms they learned during this unit. For example: A student may leave a comment that would praise another on their use of alliteration or imagery in their poem.

This voice thread was created to help students think about the 5 C's of our classroom guidelines. They are: Character Counts, Collaborate, Cooperate, Contribute, and Celebrate. Each child will comment on one of the five C's, and why they feel it is important.