Show off Your School! Elementary Voicethread Project Fall EditionAre you looking for the Spring 2010 Projects? Go here
Looking for an exciting way to engage your elementary students to start the school year? An easy way to connect with other classes?This project is for you!

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*Goals for this project*:
Students taking pictures, commenting, then posting them to share and connect with other schools!
If you'd like you can also let other classes comment (positively) about your Voicethread.

  • We're hoping to connect schools around the US (World) with a fun project where your students can take pictures of your school and classroom, get them into a Voicethread (very easy to set up and Mark can help you no matter where you are). If you want to create an educator account, fill out info here or here:
  • You can then have your students comment on those photos.
  • Then, put them up into your grade level page on this wiki (links there on the left). You can also let other schools comment (positively) if you'd like them to.
*Please leave your Voicethreads open for the public and turn Comment Moderation ON if you allow others to comment*
You can do all of this when you're editing the Voicethread by going to "Publishing Options" at the bottom

I hope this makes sense?
*Deadline - Thursday, October 14th*
You can add content anytime, but we're hoping to have them all up by Thursday, October 14.
We can use Friday, October 15th as our big SHOWCASE day.
Feel free to leave comments for other classes along the way!

Some ideas: Let students take pictures with a digital camera that you can then save the pictures to your computer.

  • Let students take pictures, then have each student choose one picture to go into the class Voicethread
  • Send students out in groups and have them work together to decide which picture(s) to use
  • If you have editing software, (not necessary to do, but if you do) they can edit the photos together or on their own
  • Pictures of the front of the school, school buses arriving, cafeteria, gym, hallways....whatever you'd like. (Just be careful that whomever is in the picture it's OK to use) *See below about schools AUP*

Please follow your school's AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) when it comes to sharing pictures of students and/or names online.
Please don't use students' whole names.

ONE Voicethread with Pictures of Your Community from Around the World!
Judy McKenzie's Year 2/3/4 class in New Zealand posted their class VoiceThread about their school earlier in the year. This is one the children have made about their town. We hope children in other parts of the world will respond to the questions in the VoiceThread about their own towns. If you would like to have a photo of your town put on it, please email me at

Thanks Mrs. McKenzie!
Examples of our Project:
Mrs. Watson's class from British Columbia, Canada "Showing off their school"

Mrs. Johnson's Pre-K class from Randolph, NY

Do you want to share other Voicethreads that your students created?
No problem, please add them to our
Other Voicethreads Created


Help Section:

To get the embed code from Voicethread into this Wiki:
1. Sign into your Voicethread account
2. Click on the gear in the bottom right corner of your Voicethread and select "Edit"
3. At the bottom click on "Embed and then click in the big white box under "Embed Code" and you should copy it immediately.
4. On this page, click "Edit", then in in the "Editor" box on top, click on the tv screen that says "Widget"
5. Go down to "Other HTML" in the bottom left column, and paste into the white box in the middle and Save.
6. It will appear as a grey box, you could write something above it if you want, like school name, then click "Save" on the right side of the "Editor" box and it should be good to go.

Once your Voicethread is embedded you can still have students make comments on their Voicethread, and can comment on others Voicethreads that are in here (and that allow others to comment on - If there's no "Comment" box underneath, then they don't want others to comment).

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Questions, comments, or need help with Voicethread or getting your Voicethread embedded into this site?
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Good luck, have fun and I'm hoping you get to connect with others at your grade level.