Other Voicthreads Created

I'm going to use this page to store Voicethreads that others have shared that don't specifically deal with our "Show off your School" project, but great ones to share.


This storybook VoiceThread was created by Ms. Fan's kindergarten class in Hong Kong in April 2010. For more details and reflections about the entire process, please check out my blog post <http://sinkorswim.posterous.com/testing-9725>. Enjoy!

This VoiceThread was created by Mrs. Morgan's kindergarten class in Alabama at the beginning of the school year.

This voicethread was created by Mrs. Hooks' Kindergartners in North Carolina after they studied weather.

Created by Mrs. Lineberry's & Mrs. Onyskin's kindergartners in North Carolina as a year long research/technology project.

This voicethread was created by the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Graders in South Beloit. Their first voicethread project for Projects by Jen.

1st Grade
Self-Assessment of Our Party Pictures Based on Barbara Reid's The Party by Grade 1 Students in Ancaster, ON (Ancaster Meadow School)

All About Pennsylvania created by first graders in Venetia, PA (Bower Hill Elementary)

Five Little Pumpkins created by First Graders in Virginia, MN

Mrs. Platt's Class Goes Batty by First Graders in Mooresville, NC

Mrs. Laseter's Class in the Arctic by First Graders in Mooresville, NC

Ms. Leon's Class participated in Jennifer Wagner's St. Patrick's Day Project- Chicago, IL

UFC 133 Live Stream is finally here!

Mrs. Griffin's class from North Carolina learned a lot about penguins, research, and technology!

Mrs. Shabat and Ms. Gutstein's class talk about important people who contributed to the Civil Rights Movement.

First grade students in Kinston, NC celebrated Earth Day by planting a tree on the campus.

2nd Grade

Progressive Story Project

external image bHQ9MTI2MjE5ODI1NzcxMiZwdD*xMjYyMTk4MzAxMzQ2JnA9MjA2NDIxJmQ9Yjc1OTgwMSZuPWJsb2dnZXImZz*yJm89YTY1ZDEyM2UwZWUwNGE4Y2I2YTY5NTUyYThmNDRjMTImb2Y9MA==.gifIn this voicethread, you will see and hear the results of a month long collaborative project with 2B boys of Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, TN, and 4 other schools from the United States and Switzerland. Each class wrote a part of the story together and then created graphics for their portion of the story. These were posted and recorded using voicethread technology. We worked with 2 schools from Pennsylvania, one school from Oakland, California, and a school in Canton Zug, Switzerland.

Tennessee Voicethread- 2B Flying PIgs- Presbyterian Day School, Memphis, TN Mrs. Diaz

Mr. Popper's Penguins Through the Eyes of 2nd Graders, Mooresville, NC

Woodward Academy North Campus Second Grade

Mrs. Hennessy's 2nd Grade Class- Check out our various Voice Threads! We rewrote the ending to The Gingerbrea Man, wrote "How I Lost a Tooth" and had community members encourage us to read!

Our 2nd grade classes participated in a joint Art/Technology project. In their art class, they created their own action figures. Then they brought their art work to the computer lab. In computer, the students learned about digital cameras and took photographs of their art figures. To finish the project, we uploaded their photos to VoiceThread and recorded the students describing their art work. Here is the final product from one of the classes.

Our second grade class met with one of the high school English class and learned how to work through the writing and editing process. The second grade class then published their final pieces using VoiceThread.

Mrs. Johnson's second grade class went to see "Are You My Mother", by P.D. Eastman, at the theater. We then wrote our own
version of the popular story.

Mrs McKenzie's Year 2/3/4 class in New Zealand with choral reading of poems, and artworks they made, about autumn. This was their first attempt at making a VoiceThread.

Mrs. Onyskin (technology teacher) worked with each second grade class at Shepherd to create a grade level slideshow to tell about some of the important places in our community. Each class had a category they were responsible for (learning, emergency, services, recreation). Once the show was completed, students were selected to narrate the show. We hope you enjoy learning about the places around Mooresville!

3rd Grade
Big Creek Third Grade Voice Thread

Lumsden Grade 3
Leaf Man and Habitats of our Community Voicethreads

Third grade students in Kinston, NC compared life in Colonial times to the present.

4th Grade

Eldon Upper Elementary 4th Grade Students Poetry Unit

4th grade students in Alabama illustrate how to keep our community clean

4th grade students in Lee Kolbert's class (Florida, USA) share holiday greetings around the world:

4th grade students in Lee Kolbert's class (Florida, USA) compare and contrast explorers. Collaborative project with Dean Shareski's students from University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Paula Naugle's 4th graders in Louisiana and Jan Wells' 4th graders in Kansas collaborated to make this chorale reading of "Paul Revere's Ride".

Fourth graders in Kinston, North Carolina share about some places that are important to our state.

Fourth graders in Kinston, NC created dioramas after studying NC Native Americans. They recorded their stories here.

5th Grade
St Augustine's College - Sydney, Australia and Van Meter Elementary School, Iowa USA made a great connection this year.
This first voicethread was created by St Augustine's students to introduce their school and Sydney to their new friends in Iowa. The second voicethread shows some photos of a live Skype chat between the students during their first live connection.

The St Augustine's Year 5 students created video advertisements as part of their 'Australian Identity' project. These videos were uploaded to voicethreads to share with the 5th graders at Van Meter. The first voicethread has videos from Mr Andrew Allmark's class (@aallmark) and the second has videos from Ms Liz Armenio's class (@earmenio). The students at Van Meter commented on the voicethreads while the St Augustine's students were on their term 1-term 2 break.

If any school would like to connect with St Augustine's College, please contact Liam Dunphy @LiamDunphy the Teaching & Learning Technologies Coordinator, email: LDunphy@saintaug.nsw.edu.au or Skype Liam_Dunphy

6th Grade

Here are a couple of examples of Voicethreads we have done in our classes.